The scariest step in designing your home?  Picking paint colors.  Not only are they difficult to visualize, it activates a deep insecurity in a lot of people that they are making the wrong choice.  

A few things to remember:

1. Buy samples!  Paint colors can look drastically different at home compared to in a store that may have a different type of lighting than you have at home.  Paint a small square of each color sample in different spots on your wall and view them with different types of light to make sure you are on the right track.

2. Have an overall plan before purchasing the paint.  Keep in mind the rug, window treatments and any other surfaces in the space and how it will look with the color.  This will help guide your decision.

3. It's only paint!  You can always change the color if you decide you hate it.  The sampling process is crucial to avoid costly mistakes.

I've chosen a cool, greenish-gray for the main wall in my living room.  This color compliments the exposed brick and the window frame color (you can see what the room looks like before it was painted here).  I've selected a beige color that is warmer for my office.  I want the room to feel calm so I went with a color that will blend with the furniture.  

Feel free to email with any questions about your paint schemes.